Holidays at the mountain hut Neue Bamberger Hütte

For my family and me, the mountains are our home and retreat at the same time. This year we have taken ourselves the time and spent three days at the mountain hut Neue Bamberger Hütte in Kelchsau. Find out more about our special family holiday in this blog

Holidays at the mountain hut Neue Bamberger Hütte04.09.2019

Bike & Hike to Feldalphorn

In Kelchsau there are numerous magnificent peaks - one of them is Feldalphorn. Join us in a very special cycling and hiking adventure in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps

Bike & Hike to Feldalphorn10.07.2019


Adjektivwow, super, cool in Tyrolean

That's exactly what we want to tell you. With these "bärig - stories" you get worth reading insights into everyday and also not so everyday experiences of interesting personalities. We will take you to the world of the Kitzbüheler Alps, which you might not have known before? Please have a look at our online library and live the "real" Kitzbühel Alps from the local perspective. Stories for insiders from insiders - especially for you!

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