Perfect summer’s day = just like a few days’ holiday!

No doubt everyone has their own personal view of what a perfect day looks like. For me, the perfect day almost always involves a combination of sporting activity and enjoyment. Here in my homeland of the PillerseeTal valley in the Kitzbühel Alps, there are undoubtedly many possibilities for transforming any 24 hour period into an unforgettable time. You can find out here what one such day is like for me.

The early bird catches the worm - breakfast on the mountains!

Kitzbüheler Alpen-Grießenbodenalm-Bergfrühstück-PillerseeTal© Marion Pichler
Enjoy a wonderful alpine breakfast on the Grießenboden Alm in Fieberbrunn

In my opinion, there is nothing better than to enjoy the morning ambience on the mountain over a cosy breakfast - surrounded by beautiful panoramic mountain views and the chiming of cowbells. In summer, I treat myself to this ‘luxury’ at the Grießenboden Alm in Fieberbrunn.
My husband and I set off at around 7:00am from the valley station of the Fieberbrunn cable car and walk along the Alpgrabenweg trail towards Lärchfilzhochalm. Here you follow part of the 3rd stage of the WAIWI, the long-distance hiking trail in the PillerseeTal valley. Our route takes us past the ‘Hochalm’ to the Grießenboden Alm. Here a delicious breakfast awaits - the Alpine breakfast is only available if you register before 8:00am. Hearty home-made bread, butter, jams, sausages, cheese and a good dose of mountain air - what more could your heart desire!

My TIP: You can also reserve a delicious picnic by the reservoir at the Grießenboden Alm - I need to do that again this year!

Hiking is my passion - off up to the Wildseeloder lake!

Kitzbüheler Alpen-Wildseelodersee-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal-Alleskönnerberg© Marion Pichler
My energy centre - the Wildseeloder lake!

Off we go!
Recharged by our hearty breakfast, we head off along a forest trail past the Wildalmen meadows and along a well-established footpath to the Wildseeloder. After the first ascent, which should not be tackled too quickly, you will come to a bench offering beautiful views. A short rest here is recommended. Then it’s on to the Wildseeloderhaus - duration approx. a good half hour. Before I make myself comfy on the terrace at the Wildseeloderhaus, my first activity is always to head to the little chapel opposite the refuge. Afterwards, we savour the magnificent lake views from the terrace and, of course, we have to try the excellent Wildseeloder pasta (home-made by Bernie the landlord) - simply magnificent. After a short chat with the landlord, it’s time to head back down into the valley.

My TIP: Pay a brief visit to Walter at the Wildalm Käseladen cheese shop. It’s certainly worth dropping by - have you ever heard of the ‘smallest cinema’ on the mountain or the small and refined library? Head up the steps and then settle down in a ‘cinema’ armchair - old publicity films of Fieberbrunn are shown here.

Coffee and cake - keeping it simple!

Kitzbüheler Alpen-Wildalpgatter-Genuss-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal-Alleskönnerberg© Marion Pichler
But 'with cream, please!

But ‘with cream please’ at the Wildalpgatterl
After the approx. 1 hour walk back from the Wildseeloder - Kühweital through the shady larch forest, we stop off to see Angi at the Wildalpgatterl. We need some legal ‘doping’ in the form of coffee and cake. The Wildapgatterl is a member of the KochArt association, a guarantee of regional specialities being served here. But back to the cake - which shall we have this time? The home-made apple strudel or the cake of the day? Or how about the super delicious sugared pancakes... today it’s a tough decision, there is fresh home-made Linzer cake with lots of cream - the fragrance of the cakes is overwhelming.

My TIP: Every Friday in July and August, the cable car Streuböden (1.Section) is open until 23:00 and offers the unique opportunity to experience the Fieberbrunner Mountain World at night. And it has a lot to offer: In the Streuböden Arena every Friday for live-music of various directions is taken care of. Under the giant umbrella, the weekend can be heralded with brass band music, rocking cover songs, casual DJ sound and jazzy soul tunes.
Gourmet lovers will be happy to make their way to the Wildalpgatterl, where hostess Angie provides local delicacies for an excellent taste experience.

Splish, splash - cool down in the Lauchsee lake

Kitzbüheler Alpen-Lauchsee-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal© Marion Pichler
Beautiful moor lake in Fieberbrunn!

Once we have recharged our batteries, our walk takes us off via Zillstatt towards the Lauchsee lake.
I have wisely packed my bathing gear in my backpack. After approx. 1 1/2 hours, we reach the Lauchsee lake. On the way there, we stop off briefly to see Babs at the Abenteuer Lama. Barbara Steinacher’s farm is situated directly on the route. Have you ever tried llama trekking? If not, you must give it a go! But what’s that! Today it’s also too hot for the llamas and they have been given the day off, Babs tells me. It’s time for us to continue on to the Lauchsee lake. We briefly tell Christl at the counter about our fantastic day, put on our bathing gear and step out into the Lauchsee lake. Let me tell you, there’s nothing better...
Mario is cooling his feet in the lake, he’s not really the ‘swimmer’ of our family.
A circuit around the island and then it’s back onto the towel to relax. Well now I’m a bit sleepy. Time to go home.

My TIP: Try the delicious cocktails (with and without alcohol) at the Lauchsee Grill & Chill! Or try stand up paddeling at the Lauchsee

To round off a wonderful day - relaxing on the balconies...

Kitzbüheler Alpen-Sundowner-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal© Marion Pichler
Sundowner with a view of the Wilder Kaiser!

After making the journey back from the Lauchsee lake via the forest and meadowland trail to the Fieberbrunn cable car, we finally arrive back home after a fantastic day. Now it’s a difficult decision. Do we stay at home and enjoy a sundowner on our balcony or do we treat ourselves to another cosy evening meal at a restaurant in the PillerseeTal valley. Today, we opt for the ‘balconies’. But next time, we will treat ourselves to a culinary pampering.

All in all, it was a successful, perfect summer’s day for my husband and me.

My TIP: Make the most of it and enjoy your time! A day like this for me is like a few days’ holiday and my work-life balance agrees!

I have a few more TIPS for your unforgettable summer’s day in the PillerseeTal valley

  • For sports fans - guided bike tour - combined with breakfast on the mountain or a walk
  • For adventure-seekers - a canyoning tour or climbing session
  • For gourmets - how about a delicious ice-cream at one of the cafés in the PillerseeTal.
  • For sun-worshippers - a day at one of the 3 bathing lakes in the PillerseeTal
  • For herb enthusiasts - pay a worthwhile visit to Birgit at the Rohhof!
Kitzbüheler Alpen-Blick auf die Grießenboden Alm-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal
Blick zurück zur Grießenboden Alm.
© Marion Pichler
Kitzbüheler Alpen-Lauchsee-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal
Soll ich, oder soll ich nicht - reinspringen?
© Marion Pichler
Kitzbüheler Alpen-Traumwiese-Wildalpgatterl-Fieberbrunn-Pillerseetal-Alleskönnerberg
Gemütlich relaxen auf der Traumwiese am Wildalpgatterl.
© Marion Pichler


Born, raised and matured in the PillerseeTal.Even as a child I always liked to travel the mountains of the PillerseeTal and the Kitzbühel Alps. In winter on the piste or on the cross-country ski run and in summer climbing the peaks. My second passion is cooking! I love to try out new things and rediscover grandma's traditional dishes... more details

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