My 5 favourite hiking tours in autumn

& the advantages an autumn hike can bring along

Days get shorter, temperatures fall and nature prepares for winter. Trees lose their leaves, migrating birds leave the region and some animals comfortably snuggle up inside their dens and burrows to hibernate. It is fall – the season that bids farewell to the warm summer months and ushers in the winter. Some people get melancholic at the very thought of it. Not me! Born on a warm October day I am a real autumn child. On days when nature is showing itself in its golden dress, when the red sky in the morning is introducing the new day and the trees are laying their coloured leaves at my feet – these are the days I could burst with joy.

Those who know me can tell that I love to spend my free time in the mountains. As much as I enjoy the summer and long-distance summit hikes, I look forward to the extensive autumn hikes every year anew. In this blog, I’m going to share with you the 5 most beautiful tours which can be managed without problems until the first snow. So, read it through, set off on the hike and enjoy!

1. Neue Bamberger Hütte & Markkirchl Round Walk

The area around the mountain hut Neue Bamberger Hütte in Kelchsau valley is one of my most favourite hiking areas. In summer, you can explore wonderful peaks there such as Schafsiedel, Salzachgeier or Tristkopf. In autumn, I prefer the mountain round tour to Markkirchl. I start this tour at the inn Gasthof Wegscheid in the Kurzer Grund valley. From there the route leads through the forest to a high plateau. Before the Bamberger Hütte I turn left and walk uphill. A pure experience of nature at the foot of these 2000m peaks! Via Markkirchl, the border chapel between Tyrol and Salzburg, the route takes me back to the Neue Bamberger Hütte. My advice: treat yourself to a refreshment stop. From cheese dumplings to pies and coffee… at the Neue Bamberger Hütte you can have a feast 😋

Markkirchl Round Tour Kelchsau

View of the already "sugared" Tristkopf - dog Luna always at my side

2. G’sundheitsbründlweg in Hopfgarten

The „G’sundheitsbründlweg“ trail is one of my all-time favourites. Be it spring, summer or autumn, this trail is always worth a walk. The tour starts in the heart of Hopfgarten and leads mostly through the forest. This means, that in autumn you walk through a red-brown-yellow coloured jungle with direct views down to the placid village centre and the stately parish church. The benches as well as the sports and motor skills stations along the way and the cosy swinging lounger make this tour so exciting. A small hiking experience right in front of my office door – who could ask for anything more?

Gsundheitsbründlweg in Hopfgarten© Sandra Kruckenhauser

Amazing view along G'sundheitsbründlweg trail

3. Möslalm in Wörgl

Wörgl is the “biggest” town in my surroundings and it is particularly popular for its good shopping facilities. If you ask yourself how a shopping town and an autumnal nature experience can go well together then you haven’t been to Möslalm and Möslalmkogel yet. Being the town‘s local mountain, Möslalm is well known and loved by all locals. Along the broad forest track the route leads through the wood up to the rustic mountain hut and its sun deck. Möslalm is not only popular for the breathtaking panoramic view of the town and the river Inn but also for its exquisite plain cooking. If your calves still aren’’t sore after the ascent to the mountain hut I recommend the short but steep climb to the summit cross of Möslalmkogel. The view from up there beats the one from Möslalm – I promise 😉.

Möslalm summit cross Wörgl© Dabernig Hannes

Sunset at Möslalmkogel with view down to the town

4. Hike to Buchacker in Angerberg

What Möslalm means to the citizens of Wörgl, Buchacker does to all the people living in Angerberg. This rather unimpressive mountain is hiding a flat top which has no equal. On this hiking tour up to Buchacker you come by an eagle viewing platform, a rustic mountain hut to enjoy a cosy refreshment stop and several summit crosses. From the start of our hike, the district of Embach, a broad forest track runs in turns uphill to Buckacker Alm and the first two summit crosses. The third summit cross as well as the viewing platform are a little bit further up, at Hundalmjoch. In summer, there is also an ice and stalactite cave which can be visited. In autumn, the thing I enjoy most at Buchacker is the amazing view down to the winding Inn river, the Hohe Salve and the surrounding villages. Make sure to stop at Buchacker Alm on your way back because a culinary treat simply is a must on a tour in autumn.

Fall at Buchacker in Angerberg© Hausberger Michael

Wonderful autumn impressions at Buchacker

5. Schlossblick-Scherzer round tour in Itter

One autumn hike that is particularly near and dear to me and which I have wandered more than any other tour in my life is the Schlossblick- Scherzer tour in Itter. From my small home village Itter the route leads up a very quiet road to a farmhouse, the so-called Scherzer Bauer. Shortly before the big farmhouse a forest track leads through the wood to Schlossblick district. From there the tour can be continued via the hamlet of Hacha, past rustic farmhouses and a small chapel back to the starting point. It is the peace and quiet as well as the picturesque view which make this walk so unique. Along this route you come by a very special spot as well –there is a small bench right after you turn onto the forest track. And from that bench I was able to take in some of the most amazing sunsets.

Schlossblick-Scherzer round tour Itter© Sandra Kruckenhauser

An unforgettable sunset high above Itter

Still not convinced?

And if I still haven’t been able to win you over for an autumn walk by revealing my 5 favourite tours to you – here is a short list of all the advantages a hiking tour in fall can bring along 😃.

Advantages of a hiking tour in autumn

  • Sleep longer & start later – since it is still quite cold in the morning and you don’t have to worry about the midday heat in autumn, is is fine to start your tour in the late morning or early afternoon
  • More pleasure in the sun & less sweating – who doesn’t know? A light top and short pants but still you wish for one more layer to pull off. Temperatures during summer can take a lot out of you and shady places , especially when hiking, are rare and very popular. Not so in fall – moderate temperatures and the pleasant warmth of the sun invite you to set out for a pleasant ramble.
  • In the valley & yet on the mountain – some people are disappointed when it starts snowing early on higher summits. For me, however, this means more time to discover all the wonderful hiking routes deeper in the valley. To walk along the trails there and explore the surroundings with open eyes – to me, that’s simply great!
  • Colourful adventure & pure nature – the most beautiful side effect of the autumn season certainly is the fact that leaves change colour and fall off the trees. The multi-coloured woods and paths in combination with unforgettable sunsets, pink sunrises and mystic wafts of mist make the heart of any photographer, lover of nature and hiker bear faster!

Well, there’s nothing left for me to say – except to wish you wonderful autumn days packed with unforgettable mountain moments! I hope you can enjoy this fantastic season just the way I do.

Herbst am Buchacker in Angerberg
Herbst am Buchacker in Angerberg
© Hausberger Michael
Schlossblick-Scherzer-Runde Itter
Sonnenuntergang bei der Schlossblick-Scherzer-Runde in Itter
© Sandra Kruckenhauser
Markkirchl Rundweg Kelchsau
Aussicht vom Markkirchl Rundweg in der Kelchsau
© Sandra Kruckenhauser
Schlossblick-Scherzer-Runde Itter
Die Schlossblick-Scherzer-Runde in Itter
© Sandra Kruckenhauser
Markkirchl Rundweg Kelchsau
Das Markkirchl an der Grenze zwischen Tirol und Salzburg
© Sandra Kruckenhauser

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