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Hunting for trails in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Hiking or biking - why not both? In Westendorf, Brixen and Kirchberg the possibilities for sporty explorers are almost limitless. Climbers and mountain bikers get their money's worth here. A special experience for me is the combination of Bike & Hike, one where I am allowed to join the local guide, Mathäus.

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Freedom on the trails

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The landscape around Westendorf entices you to get out and enjoy nature in every direction” - Mathäus

Even the view from Westendorf’s village centre allows me to add one potential destination after the other to my internal to-do list. The combination of mountain bike routes and hiking trails opens up a network for explorers and expands the possible daily destinations many times over. Could I get from Westendorf to the Kröndlhorn and back in one day? Is it possible to reach the favourite stage of the KAT Walk on my own and hike too?
Individual, customised routing provides a feeling of freedom that can only be found in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Idyll in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

The fact that Bike & Hike around Westendorf, Brixen and Kirchberg is becoming increasingly popular is primarily due to the unique nature all around. Mountains of over 2,000 meters, vast mountain grazing pastures, bike trails in the valleys and the proximity to the high Alpine mountains form an unparalleled landscape. In particular, the idyllic Windautal to the South of Westendorf, to where Mathäus leads the way, welcomes you to an impressive exploratory tour of the Kitzbüheler Alpen.

The panoramic views from the Filzenscharte thrill me just as much as the cranberry buttermilk at the Rotwandalm, a dip in the Reinkarsee or the Kröndlhorn chapel at the summit: the imagination and limitations are endless in planning routes.

Ausblick Windautal
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Brixental Windautal
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E-Bike Windautal
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Buttermilch mit Preiselbeeren
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Panorama Windautal
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Route tips

  • 1. Westendorf – Rotwandalm (2.5 hrs biking) with climb to the Kröndlhorn (2.5 hrs hiking)
  • 2. Kirchberg – Großer Rettenstein (1,000 m of altitude biking & 650 m of altitude hiking)
  • 3. Brixen im Tale – Gampenkogel (4 - 5 hrs Bike & Hike) with panoramic views from 2,000 m
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Saddle-up for your hiking tour

Another advantage for "multi-sport fans" like me in the Kitzbüheler Alpen is the existing infrastructure. Well signposted hiking trails, numerous forest roads and catered mountain pasture huts as well as bike rentals and a network of E-bike charging stations make it easy for bikers and hikers from near and far to find their way around.

“We offer the guests guided tours, GPS equipment and maps. Apart from that it is relatively easy to orientate yourself in the mountains and valleys.” – Mathäus

In the resorts that are many sports shops, which have numerous bikes and E-MTBs available for hire. The battery-powered bikes provide the perfect opportunity to reach hiking destinations further away – or thanks to the E-bike charging stations it is possible to tackle a multi-day tour.

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Sebastian v.d.K.

Sebastian v.d.K.

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