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Wörgl. Friday, 11 p.m.. It is hot in the room. Very hot and very loud. ACDC’s Highway to Hell is booming from the speakers in full blast. Beads of sweat are rolling down my face. I take a look around – all the other people in the room are sweating too. Sabine, by friend next to me, is grinning at me, creasing her face at the same time. It is getting hotter and louder. Almost unbearable. The heat, the loud music. Now the sweat is streaming down my forehead. It is the same with Sabine. OMG! I cannot stand it much longer. Now I’m getting goosebumps. Goosebumps from heat?? Yes, that’s true.

Welcome to the ICE on the Rocks (crashed ice) infusion at Circus Maximus, one sauna area at the Wörgl Water World, or shortly speaking, at WAVE.

Sauna area Wave Wörgl© Dabernig Hannes

Regular sweating is very healthy and promotes our wellbeing. It strengthens our immune system and our cardiac cycle, improves our complexion and increases our expectation of life. Especially in winter, when temperatures are sinking, days are getting shorter and nights longer, my friends and I often end up in the sauna. Just as we did last Friday. Unfortunately Florentine had to cancel at short notice so it was only the two of us.

“Hot” tip: every Friday WAVE offers a long sauna night and is open until midnight.

Although it is common knowldedge that there isn’t a lot you need in a sauna, my bag is loaded. Two large towels, bathrobe, handmade socks knitted by Granny, shower stuff, flip-flops, book (although in vain since it is girls’ night which means a lot of talking) and one litre of ginger-lemon water.

6 p.m. I set out for Wörgl to WAVE, the Wörgl Water World
The sauna area there is really fantastic and very generous. On more than 2000 m2 you have plenty of possibilities to sweat and relax. Whether steam bath, infra-red cabin, Finnish sauna or – my favourite – the honey sauna – here everyone finds what suits him/her best.

Sauna night at Wave Wörgl (3)© Carmen Sitzmann

The honey sauna is our first stop. We are lucky. We are all by ourselves in the sauna and can not only spread our stuff but also start chatting freely 😊.

With 60 degree, the honey sauna is a rather mild sauna and therefore I can lie down at the very top. The pleasant, sweet scent of honey is very relaxing. We set the sand timer and after 20 minutes of slow, moderate sweating we take a shower. Afterwards we cool off in the outdoor pool. Swimming outdoors underneath the sky in the fresh, clear air – that’s amazing.
Now it’s time to relax and have a break. Unfortunately there were no free beds left at the Elysium, the quiet room with heated waterbeds and meditational music, so we went to the open quiet room. I quickly slip into my hand-knitted socks and bathrobe, adjust the deck chair in the lying position and chill. Should I read one chapter from the book?! But Sabine starts talking about our trip to Israel and the book stays closed. Of course.

Saunabereich Wave Wörgl
© Dabernig Hannes
Sauna Nacht im Wave Wörgl (13)
© Carmen Sitzmann
Saunabereich Wave Wörgl
© Dabernig Hannes
Sauna Nacht im Wave Wörgl (17)
© Carmen Sitzmann
Sauna Nacht im Wave Wörgl (18)
© Carmen Sitzmann

We learn from the display of the TV in the quiet room that there is an infusion ceremony including the Wave peeling special at 8 p.m. I can warmly recommend this procedure to everyone. Sabine and I downright rush off to the grotto of the Pompeji sauna in order to catch a good spot for the infusion

Sauna night at Wave Wörgl (26)© Carmen Sitzmann

After three rounds of pleasant infusions with amazing scents of cherries, peach and mandarins we head for the shower area. There we get small bowls filled with WAVE peeling. According to the sauna attendant the WAVE peeling consists of 6 natural oils, pure vitamin C, vitamin E and sea salt. We generously apply the peeling on our bodies and wash it down after an application time of 10 minutes, WOW -WOW -WOW! My skin feels so incredibly soft and smooth and - as the saying goes - it feels like a baby’s bum’ 😋 and also smells wonderful.

We had planned to stop by at the Isla Sola bath. This is a large sea water pool filled with active brine. But since you are not allowed in there without swimwear and I didn’t have mine with me we decided to head for the bar. Who sweats a lot has to drink a lot too.

Saunabereich Wave Wörgl© Dabernig Hannes

The highlight of our sauna evening was scheduled for 10:30 p.m. – the ICE on the ROCK infusion at the Circus Maximus sauna. Circus Maximus is not only the largest sauna at Wave but also worldwide. On 65 m2 there is room for up to 100 people to sweat at the same time. This time, Sabine and I go for a spot in a row right at the bottom because it is going to become extremely hot … hot and loud, but I had already known that😉.

The 10 golden sauna rules

  • Drink sufficient before and after the sauna visit! (mineral water, herbal tea,, isotonic beverages)
  • Take a shower before entering the sauna.
  • Enter the sauna with dry and warm feet only
  • Enter the suna (only) without clothes, if nude ;)
  • Take youslef time for the sauna session
  • Pay attention to the time limit (10 - 20 minutes
  • Don't enter the sauna on an empty stomach or directly after eating! Tip: avoid meals with garlic on your sauna day ;)
  • Avoid skin contact on the bench (a big towel is very helpful)
  • Leave the sauna at once if you feel unwell!
  • Cool down your body - every sauna session should end with an immersion bath or a shower.


I am so in LOVE with my HOME! Our beautiful mountains, our traditions, our untouched nature, our culinary delicacies, the splashing of the clear mountain streams, our fresh mountain air - that's what makes me really happy and I am looking forward to sharing my love for my homeland with you. more details

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