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A sports experience combining pleasure, culinary treats and nature!

Birds are tweeting, the first flowers begin to sprout and the spring sun is shining on my face. Yes, it is spring time in the region of the Kitzbühel Alps. And I am all in a spring mood too! I have already stored away my skis in the basement and switched them for my hiking boots and bicycle. My anticipation of the oncoming summer season is huge and I’m looking forward to today at least as much. Because today is the day of my first cycling tour this year. And this year I plan to open my cycling season with a very special experience.

Berg&Radl E-Bike Verleih© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher

For this I have made an appointment for today with Tamara and Monika. Monika is the manager of the restaurant zeitlos, Tamara is the chef. Since 2017 there is also the bicycle rental Berg & Radl in the same building. Apart from exquisite cooking and bike rentals the two power women are also offering extraordinary guided cycling tours.

Tour guide Tamara© Berg & Radl
Tour guide Tamara on her bike in front of Hohe Salve

Full of anticipation I start on my way to Marktgasse 4 via the market square of Hopfgarten. Tamara is already waiting for me. After a warm welcome we get straight down to the nitty-gritty. We have a look at the e-bikes. At Berg & Radl you can find the latest bikes every year because it is important to Tamara that her clients are equipped with the best material. But those top-quality e-bikes are not for rent only. If you fall for a bike during a tour you can also buy it. Tamara hands me a brand-new bike. It looks sporty, is light and perfect for mountain-bike tours. I am already looking forward to exploring the mountains with an motor-assisted bicycle.

Berg & Radl© Berg & Radl

Soon, the rest of today’s group is joining us and after a brief icebreaker session we can hit the road. The bikes are being adjusted to everyone individually. Then Tamara explains us how to turn on and off the motor of the e-bikes and gives helpful instructions regarding slowing down, taking turns and riding downhill. Before the tour gets started all of us receive a small backpack filled with a lunch package. Tamara also grabs her backpack and a pan and gets onto her bike. Yes, indeed– from Tamara’s shoulder is dangling a pan. We are going to use that later but now it is time to hit the pedals. Across market square, past the impressive parish church of Hopfgarten the route leads via Gruberberg into Windautal valley. After the inn Lendwirt we turn at the sawmill into the road to Käsealm Straubing. Again and again, Tamara makes us aware of all those little natural wonders at the wayside along our route. Cowslips, thimbleweed, horsefoot and even a curious squirrel come our way. When Tamara is talking, I can feel her enthusiasm for the local flora and fauna. Protecting the environment and raising awareness of it is extremely important to Tamara and she passes her credo on to her groups.

E-Bike&Pleasure Bike Tour© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher

After Käsealm Straubing we continue to Keazling Alm, turn left there, ride uphill to Gruberberg and take a break there. Not because we are out of breath but because of the breathtaking panorama. We enjoy a direct view of the standalone Hohe Salve summit and can look over the entire Brixen Valley as far as Kirchberg. Of course we don’t miss out on a group selfie. Tamara shows us where only a few weeks ago skiers had been wedeling down the ski slopes of SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental and she knows little stories about each and every village stretching out underneath us. Thrilled we listen to Tamara’s tales. Afterwards we get back into the saddle and continue our way. A few bends above an awesome, rustic farmhouse we sit down in the meadow. Of course, Tamara had asked the farmer for his permission beforehand.

Now it is time for a well-deserved pause. What I have just experienced needs to be digested. I take in the view and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Out from the corner of my eye I can watch Tamara spread the contents of her backpack on a blanket. Eggs, ham, herbs, spices, farmers’ bread and a gas cooker. Now the pan comes into the picture, because Tamara is going to cook for us fried eggs and ham. Mhmm, it smells delicious and it tastes heavenly. The ingredients, which all are regional and come from Hopfgarten, mixed with the fresh spring air and the great feeling after a sporting activity – in this moment I can’t imagine anything better. I take a short look around – it seems the rest of the group feels the same. Soon the pan is empty and our stomachs are full.

© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher
© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher
© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher
© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher
© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher

Though I’d love to stay up here until sunset, it is time to hit the pedals and to ride back to the valley again. So we pack together our stuff and leave the spot as clean as it was before. From Gruberberg we head back to Hopfgarten and via the market square to our starting point, Berg & Radl. Monika comes out from the restaurant to welcome our group. Reluctantly I return my embosomed bike to Tamara and say my goodbyes to her and Monika. Thankful and with lots of new impressions and experiences I then head for home.

E-bike & pleasures© Ferienregion Hohe Salve - Silvia Seebacher

And in case you should feel like going on a culinary e-bike tour through the Kitzbühel Alps yourself now you can book the tour online starting from 22 May on Wednesdays as part of the summer activity programme offered by the Holiday Regio Hohe Salve.

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