Sophie's Colourful Life

A diagnosis that changed Anita's world: Her daughter Sophie was born with Down's syndrome. Here they tell us how the two of them have mastered their lives with flying colours since then and what role the Kitzbühel Alps plays in this.

Sophie's Colourful Life05.06.2024

On the mountain pastures there are no ...

…unfriendly faces to be found, because with Mike Byell and his wife Maike, the Möslalm in Wörgl, Tyrol has found two new leaseholders who have put their hearts and souls into hospitality.

On the mountain pastures there are no ...16.05.2024

Das Urgestein vom Stoaberg

His life is dedicated to the mountains: at over 70 years of age, Leopold Würtl is in no way inferior to the younger generation as an active climber and mountain hut host. His secret recipe for mental and physical health: a portion of contentment and the power of the Tyrolean mountains.

Das Urgestein vom Stoaberg23.04.2024

A "milling future"

The Wieshofer Mühle (Wieshofer Mill) is one of the few privately owned mills in Austria. Responsible for this is Lukas Krainz, who, together with his sister Caroline, upholds the family heritage with diligence and pride.

A "milling future"30.08.2023

On the path of wood

Ever since Georg Mühlegger was allowed to look over his grandfather's shoulder in his wood workshop as a little boy, it was clear to him that he too would dedicate his professional life to this material. A woodworking path that is something to be proud of. The result is his studio, Atelier Arti.

On the path of wood16.08.2023

Under the Seal of Bichl Quality

Barbara Zaß produces high-quality, regional food with her family at the Bichlbauernhof (Bichl Farm) in Erpfendorf. The reason why her jam, milk and bread products taste so incredibly good is quickly explained: "Because they are made with love.

Under the Seal of Bichl Quality24.07.2023

Laughter lives at Pillersee

Danny Bulthé has never seen a "grumpy" face at Pillersee . Apart from the unique natural landscape, this may be due to the fact that he offers nothing but fun with his company SUP’N’FUN : Stand-up paddling, marble golf and obstacle courses, archery and much more make the eyes of adventurers, both young and old, light up.

Laughter lives at Pillersee26.06.2023

Free as a bird

Philipp Zellner is the founder of TirolAir-Tandemparagliding Company. With him you can experience the Kitzbühel Alps from a bird's eye view: he takes his guests into the world of the skies on a tandem paragliding flight - for unforgettable moments of freedom and exhilaration.

Free as a bird20.06.2023

Two Tyroleans conquer the Milky Way

The Milchbuben produce particularly tasty soft cheeses in their Tyrolean master cheese dairy. The product range is impressive and leaves nothing to be desired.

Two Tyroleans conquer the Milky Way26.09.2022

Portugal meets Tyrol

Leonel Magalhaes da Silva runs the newly designed Cafe Salvistastadl at the valley station in Itter together with his wife. He has built a special highlight himself for his little guests.

Portugal meets Tyrol17.08.2022

The journey is his reward

As a mountain hiking guide, bike guide and ski instructor, Dominik Engl shows his guests his world, which inspires him anew every day. For him, the path is the destination, where tranquillity and contemplation are paramount.

The journey is his reward09.08.2022

The mountains are his charger

Meex Reich swapped his sneakers for running shoes after school and is a passionate trail runner. With his participation in numerous ultra-trail runs, he has already achieved many successes.

The mountains are his charger01.08.2022

A master brewer with a low handicap

Philipp Huber is already in the starting blocks for the fifth generation of the Huber family brewery in St. Johann in Tyrol. In addition to his work at the brewery, he likes to put in the perfect tee shot.

A master brewer with a low handicap27.07.2022

The Kitzbüheler Alpen’s soul paths

As a mountain hiking guide and forest pedagogue, Lisa Flatscher shows her guests the rewarding path to their own and inner well-being. Every day, nature gives Lisa the strength she needs to live.

The Kitzbüheler Alpen’s soul paths29.06.2022

Nature as the source of her energy

Daniela Hutter is considered the founder of the Yin principle and accompanies people to their true nature. With the Yin factor, she focuses on one's own "womanhood" in order to make clear the importance of femininity in one's own life.

Nature as the source of her energy21.06.2022

Timeless indulgence

Tamara Lerchner is a chef by conviction and head chef at the restaurant "zeitlos" in Hopfgarten im Brixental. There she gives traditional dishes a southern flair.

Timeless indulgence08.06.2022

One man. Mountains of ideas.

Once a mountain man, always a mountain man. Stefan Ager gets his inspiration for his projects in the surroundings of the Tyrolean mountains.

One man. Mountains of ideas.01.03.2022

In step with nature

Peter is an innkeeper with heart and soul. He not only guides his guests through the region as a hiking or biking guide, but also cooks for them with regional specialities.

In step with nature26.08.2021

Intense job, intense hobby

As a nurse in an intensive care unit, the maximum is usually demanded. For Michaela, that is not enough. Sport is her balance to the daily work routine.

Intense job, intense hobby13.08.2021


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