Nature as the source of her energy

Daniela Hutter is considered the founder of the Yin principle and accompanies women to their true nature. In this respect, she uses the landscape around St. Johann in Tyrol for places of strength and inspiration, for soul paths that go deeper.

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Listening to one's inner voice, trusting one's own instincts and following new unknown paths that life offers one - for Daniela Hutter, all of this was a process of years of research, rethinking and ultimately understanding. Born in Vorarlberg, she came to Tyrol at the age of 14 to seek a sheltered home in her grandmother's house after her parents' divorce. But the valley was too claustrophobic for her, the mountains too oppressive, so she chose to go to Vienna. There she soon met her first husband and, career-minded and determined, she opened the first Montessori kindergarten of its kind. But in the evening she crawled in the front door on all fours, because her everyday life as a wife, mother and business woman had become too stressful over the years.

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Her perfectly constructed life began to topple. Her husband left, what remained was frustration, incomprehension, anger and the devastating question: "Is this it now?" Today she knows, "This was my absolute turning point in life." She began to listen more deeply to herself, went in search of answers. Daniela learned, researched and deepened her knowledge of female consciousness, women's health - but also customs and spiritual rituals from other countries and cultures.

The Yin Factor

Today Daniela is a motivator, best-selling author, coach and director of an online academy. She wants to strengthen women’s YIN factor and focus on one's own "being a woman" to clarify the importance of femininity in one's own life and in dealing with fellow human beings. Looking back, she smiles: "It was never intended that this became my profession. She left the big city itself behind long ago, the path led her back to St. Johann in Tyrol, where she found a new love and her home. "I was without roots for a long time. That weighed heavily on me. Today I know where my place in the world is. There is no better place to raise children and give them independence. When I look out of my office window, I see the Wilder Kaiser. What nature gives me here is the feeling I want to have as a woman. I learn an incredible amount from Mother Nature. She depicts everything, the annual cycle, the cycles of life. You just have to listen, feel and sense.

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© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
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© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

Nature’s places of power

For her coaching, Daniela has travelled to many places in the world to bring people closer to places of power during holiday retreats. Today also she teaches this in the Tyrolean mountains. “These places are literally lined up one after the other. Nature is the primary source of yin, the feminine energy. Tyrol is not called the heart of the Alps for nothing. Even the Dalai Lama pointed out that the Alps are the heart chakra of the earth, and this energy is the greatest.”

On the trail of happiness

All this is felt by the people who come here to satisfy longings and to find peace and balance. Because one thing is perfectly clear to Daniela: "If you want to be happy at the end of your life, it's up to you to make yourself happy. People like to look for someone to blame before they look for the cause (or responsibility) in themselves. No one is at the mercy of life, everyone can live a relaxed life, that's my core belief.” What you don't feel on the outside, you can't find on the inside, and what you don't have on the inside, you can't perceive on the outside. Daniela knows that both belong together: "For this reason, my soul must have known where it was sending me in life, namely to Tyrol."

Sabine Ertl

Sabine Ertl

...nurture body and soul. Born 1986 in Carinthia, studied media and communication sciences in Klagenfurt. As a freelance journalist, copywriter and blogger she likes to travel a lot. Mountain freak, horse freak, neo-cellist and gourmet. More details: more details

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