Where the holiday feeling is at home

The mountain kingdom of the Kitzbühel Alps, the picturesque Brixen Valley, the cultural heart of Tyrol - all this means home to Andreas Holaus because he has put down roots there, where for him the term holiday is a reality all year round.

kitzbueheler-alpen-lebenswege-sommer-brixental-connection-c-kitzbueheler-alpen-daniel-gollner-25© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

Andreas Holaus has been exploring the Kitzbühel Alps mountains with his parents since he was a child. Whether on foot or by bike, in Winter or Summer, he was able to discover and feel nature with all his senses from an early age. A formative time that still connects him with a very special closeness to the Tyrolean natural landscape. "When I got older, I started doing endurance sports and realised that this is exactly what I am meant to do." Together with a handful of good friends, he finally founded the "Brixental Connection", a group that "welcomes every lactate-hungry exercise junkie who loves fresh air, likes to go to the limit and is passionate about sports". Together they race, compete and climb mountains, for Andreas a community he wouldn't want to be without: "Over the years, deep friendships have developed, everyone helps everyone else, no matter where, no matter what.

© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

From the office desk to the next summit

Professionally, Andreas comes from the technical sector, worked for a while in an engineering office and now works in regional development. "I can actively help shape the region in the areas of economy, culture and social life, which has great added value for me." He sees the balancing act between nature conservation and economic matters as difficult: "It's a constant balancing act between what makes sense for the region and its tourism, economy and the protection of nature itself." The fact that this compromise works is shown by the fact that the quality of life in Brixen is very high: "As there are enough jobs available, we have so far been spared the rural exodus. In addition, the region has excellent infrastructure.”

© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

Regional cuisine

Regionale Kulinarik© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

He currently sees an enormous boost in direct marketing: "Anyone who comes to us as a local or as a guest and enjoys culinary delights, knows one hundred percent where the food comes from and what regional quality it contains." The high standard is reflected in all areas, and there is also a high level of security in the country, which is not insignificant, especially in times of a pandemic.

Follow your gut feeling

For Andreas, there is no better place to live than in the Brixental Valley: "I lived and worked in Berlin for three months, travelled in Canada for a while during my studies, was able to gain new impressions and experiences. But my gut feeling brought me back to the place of my childhood every time. Here I can come home after work and in the evening cycle to a mountain lake for an enjoyable swim. Or I can lace up my mountain boots and set off for the next peak, where I can experience an incomparable sunset. Everything I need for me and my life is here." For Andreas has not only found a home in Brixen but also special holiday feelings.

Sabine Ertl

Sabine Ertl

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