In step with nature

Anyone who joins Peter Eder - junior manager of the Hotel Alte Post in Fieberbrunn - on his way to the mountains, be it on foot or on pedals, will be rewarded with many things and disappointed in nothing. Why? Because nature repeatedly treats its guests with unique moments creating unforgettable feelings of happiness.

kitzbueheler-alpen-lebenswege-peter-eder-c-kitzbueheler-alpen-daniel-gollner-66© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

The PillerseeTal is a gem in the middle of the Kitzbühel Alps. It’s named after the emerald-green Pillersee Lake, which reflects the mountain peaks all around in clear weather. Here you can experience nature at every turn. The seasons set the pace and transform the backdrop accordingly into an inviting stage with almost inexhaustible leisure opportunities. In the midst of this Alpine magic the Hotel Alte Post is located. It has been a family business for several generations, the hotel history of which goes back to 1912, when the father of senior proprietor, Johann Eder, purchased the inn. A lot of hard work combined with a vigilant spirit of innovation were decisive for the development of the traditional hotel in Fieberbrunn.

© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
© Daniel Gollner Fotografie
© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

At racing speed to the junior manager

Today Peter Eder manages the hotel as junior manager. As a child, he grew up with the business. Friendships that he made back then continue to exist today, he says with a wink: “Even now, adults travel here, whom I have known from an early age and with whom we concocted lots of pranks as children. There’s always a lot to talk and laugh about at the bar in the evenings.” He himself chose to study at the Ski Hotel Management College in Bad Hofgastein. “For me that was my background and security for the future.” When Peter wasn't studying for college, he was at the starting gate on racing skis. "The sport took me all over Europe, but in the end I decided against it in favour of taking over the business."

Landlord, guide, nature mediator

Today he is a host with body and soul. “I love to have people around me and to show my guests the backdrop of the Kitzbühel Alps, preferably on guided hiking and bike tours. Many are often a little sceptical at first and are afraid of not being able to cope with the advancing metres of altitude on the mountain by bike or on foot. But when you are at the top of the summit and have reached your destination, the feeling of happiness is simply unforgettable. You can see that in their eyes.” These moments reward Peter and enrich his job every day. He sees the region's strength in its diversity. Whether family or couple, athletes or pleasure travellers, everyone will find what they are looking for and will want to return. "It is this backdrop, the mountains, the fresh air, the hospitality and the high-quality, regional cuisine that distinguish our home and make it a desired destination."

Fresh from the producer within walking distance

kitzbueheler-alpen-lebenswege-peter-eder-c-kitzbueheler-alpen-daniel-gollner-75© Daniel Gollner Fotografie

Especially in the kitchen, Peter Eder and his team rely on short distances for crisp freshness on the plate. "We want to keep the added value in the valley. We can purchase a large selection of our groceries within a few kilometres. Like the smoked trout from the local Scheffaurer farmer, a tip from the landlord himself: “With our cuisine, we focus on Tyrolean food and want to offer special culinary delights from the region.” Good home-cooking with a special touch of creativity distinguishes the cuisine of the Alte Post and is appreciated by guests from near and far. Warmth, authenticity and history – these are all values that can be found in the historic building and the welcoming, open manner of the host. Combined with the unique landscape and a feeling for life that is second to none, Peter finds: “When you have everything, the question no longer arises as to whether you’re missing something”, because in Fieberbrunn you already have everything you once sought after in wanderlust.

Sabine Ertl

Sabine Ertl

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